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Marine Activities

Marine Activities
Dolphins & Tutles in Oman beaches.

Desert Adventure

Desert Adventure
Explore Oman Desert Adventure & Wahiba Sands

Mountain Exploring

Mountain Exploring
Jabal Akhdar, Jabal Shams and many more

Muscat City Tour

Muscat City Tour
Key attractions in Muscat; Museums,Shopping etc.

Empty Quarter

Empty Quarter
Historic city in the middle of large derset in Oman.

 Jabal Shams Mountain in Oman

Jabal Shams Via Wadi Bani Awf

Drive North side way through the mountains towards the Batinah plain and visit the village of Bilad Sayt, a mountain village set on a stunning point of view and cross through Wadi Bani Awf, a beautiful wadi with plenty of spots for great pictures.

Head off to Wadi Ghul, a spectacular deep canyon in the mountain range out of which rises Jabel Shams, the highest pick in Oman at over 3,000m. Jabel Shams, the mountain of the sun, is home to weavers of heavy woollen rugs in distinctive red, black and brown geometric designs. Along the steep and windy road leading to the top of the mountain, you will discover small villages hiding within the mountains rocks and then reach the incredible Grand Canyon
, where you can enjoy a walk in the cool atmosphere of the mountain.

Visit to Nizwa & Jabal Shams

Drive through the Hajar Mountains to the town ship of Nizwa, the ancient capital of Oman. At Nizwa you will visit Nizwa Fort and the Traditional Souq. From here you will travel through the deep Wadi of Ghul and arrive at Jebel Shams, ‘Mountain of the Sun’ the undisputed lord of the mountains.

Jebel Shams is the highest peak of the Jebel Al Akdhar mountain range, soaring 3,000 meters above sea level. Spectacular scenery, ancient rock carvings and remote villages – this is the ‘Grand Canyon’ of Oman.

There will be time to experience some of the breath-taking scenery before continuing to the beautiful old village of Misfah. The village of Misfah is perched on the side of a mountain where narrow ancient stone pathways lead you into the valley below. You will explore this ancient labyrinth before your return trip to Muscat.

Explore World's attractive Al Hoti Caves near  Jebel Shams 

Al Hoti Cave is  2.7km tunnel which leads to a  large underground lake about 750m in length.  Home to a rare species of blind fish. Al Hoti Cave has a reception facilities, tunnelling and the introduction of a train to the tunnel. Inside of the cave features several classical formations including stalactites,stalagmites and solid columns, which take thousands of years to form. The colourisation is also magnificent, with hues of gold, beige, yellow and pink colors, very impressive.

.The Cave has Omani guides  who lead  can to the Cave attraction

You can also visit  ancient village of Misfat Al Albriyyin, former settlements of the interior Imams and their tribes. The village is set in a stunning landscape above terraced plantations of date palms. 


Trip to Al Hamra takes you to  to Jebel Shams, ‘Sun Mountain’, Oman’s highest peak at a staggering 3000 metres. At the upper reaches of the mountain is the ‘Grand Canyon’, which provides breathtaking views down to its floor.  You can feel the cooler climate change on top of the Canyon. .

Visit to  Bahla Pottery Jabrin Fort 

Bahla is  one of oldest town and has  retained its traditional characteristics and is surrounded by a 12km long protective wall, much of which still stands. Visit to  famous Pottery Centre and Bahla Fort, one of the oldest in Oman, built in the late 17th century (UNESCO Heritage Site) on much earlier Persian foundations. You will then visit Jabrin Fort, built in the late 17th century. Bahla is a town with visiting while on holidays in Oman.
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