Alwan Travel & Tourism was established in 2006 by two young enterprising Omanis, Mr. Talal Al Rawahi and Mr. Yahya Al Hasani, to meet the growing demand for indigenous Tour Operators in Oman. Oman is a growing Tourism destination and the need for Omanis to be aware of the benefits of Tourism is the motivating factor in establishing this company.

Alwan Travel & Tourism was created with one key in mind: To provide exceptional tour services for our visitors to Oman while maintaining high quality services. your social media marketing partner

Our Mission

To become one of the leading service-oriented Destination Management Company in Oman and to present Oman as an authentic and attractive Tourist Destination.


Our Vision

To be widely recognized as the premier provider of innovative tour products and services and galvanize Omanis into the Tourism Industry and to spread the true colors (Alwan) of Oman worldwide.


Our Background

We have a dedicated staff, well versed with their work and who have made customer satisfaction their goal. Alwan Tourism has a Car Rental and an Oman Tour Division.


We Always Try to Create a Difference

Alwan provides personalised tour services to visitors in Oman who wish to have great travel memories.

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