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Sharqiyah Sands Wednesday Coach Tour


Pick up time

Shatti Al Qurum (Costa coffee façade) 0700h – 0720h & Zawawi Mosque Al Khwair (Service road) 0730h - 0745h

0815h :Amouge Perfume Factory


Amouage is a Muscat, Oman based perfume house established in 1983 by the Sultanate of Oman, by Sayyid Badr bin Hamad bin Hamood AlBusaidi. Amouage's first fragrance, Amouage Gold, was created by Guy Robert and is still a staple of their product line today.

0945h :Ibra Wednesday souq (women souq)


The city, famous for its handicrafts and agricultural products, has an expansive souq showcasing an array of products. Halwa (a traditional Omani dessert) is also sold in the souq. Halwa is a sticky dessert made from sugar and spices and flavoured with sesame seeds or almonds. Ibra souq is the only souq in the country to have a whole day just for women.

1045h :Al Kanaatir/Al Minzfah


Old quarter of Ibra; a crumbling old merchant houses. The old pillared souk and the Mosque of the two qiblas (prayer niche) are slowly collapsing. Tragically, many of the inhabitants left the area following the death of palm trees in the oasis from damage to the local water table. Exploring and examining the unusual architectural elements of the once wealthy houses, such as porthole windows, a hark back to their maritime heritage.

1230h :Al Areesh Camp (Lunch)


1300h :Wadi Bani Khalid


It is the best-known wadi of the Sharqiyah region. Its stream maintains a constant flow of water throughout the year. Large pools of water and boulders are scattered along the course of the wadi. As a geographical area, Wadi Bani Khalid covers a large swathe of low land and mountains. Caves form some of the interesting features of this wadi. These include Kahf Maqal which is one of the Sultanate's underground chambers.

1330h :Moqal Cave


Muqal Cave is located near the famous water pools in Muqal. On entering the cave, the roar of underground water flowing through its hard rocks will assail your senses; your eyes will be captivated by the beautiful rock formations, and you’re sure to be mesmerized by the water pools and streams flowing along Wadi Muqal Road.

1800h :Back to Muscat

Dress Code:

  • Light summer clothing is suitable during warm season as well as hats, sunglasses and sunscreen is recommended.
  • Men and Women should wear clothing that is shoulder and knee covered when in public especially on villages and souqs.
  • Possibility to swim with modest clothing, swimwear should be confined to the beach or hotel pools only.
  • Sweaters or jackets may be required during cold season especially at night.
  • Comfortable shoes are always advised to wear.
  • Terms and Conditions Apply

    35 OMR
    1 Person inclusive of lunch

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