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All Packages

Oman, a beautiful country with rich-heritage of historical and architectural culture, offers an ever-changing landscape of wave-like sand dunes, utterly beautiful mountain and deserts, flashy beaches, breathtaking skyline, and wild-life (turtle, dolphin and birds).

Located on the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is one of the most attractive travel destinations for tourist/travelers - a romantic retreat, a dream honeymoon or even combine holidays.

Unlike many of the other Gulf States, touring Oman can be a dream for many. Considering the fact, we offer fantastic and diverse holiday deals to explore the city of Oman with attractive and affordable holiday package.

With the tour packages from Alwan Travel & Tourism, you can discover the secret of delights- natural beauty, attractions, and cultural tradition. Oman tour packages comprise of all-inclusive booking and cost-competitiveness. In addition, we offer camping in Oman which includes Self Driving Camp, Family Camping / Group Camping, Team Building / Boot (Sandal) Camp, Children's Winter Camp, Mountain Camping, Island Camping, and Beach Camping.

To Book Oman holiday package, call us today! You can customize your holiday package, combining the best hospitality, leisure and tourism.

8 Days Hiking Package

3 to 10 Days Travel Package

2 to 8 Days Travel Package

1 to 4 Days Travel Package

3 Days Tour Package

Camping in Oman

Camping in Oman

Camping in Oman

Looking to take a break away from the day-to-day activities and plan a fun vacation that can bring special for everyone (friends, family and relatives) coming in, Camping in Oman will top the list. Located in the South East of Middle East, surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman, it offers glitzy atmosphere, jagged mountains and glamorous skyline, when it comes to camping tour.

It's no surprise that planning a camping tour begins with the desire to explore the geographical bounties including mountains, deserts, beaches, and reefs. Camping in Oman is simple and unbelievably cheap for tourist and travelers, provided that you love the gnarly adventure, equally hazardous, exhausting and amazing. Indeed it’s a fun and great enjoyment for camp lovers - hiking and camping in the wilderness.

Exciting Places to Camp in Oman

  • Sharqiyah Sands- One of Oman’s most famous attractions to explore the classic desert environment- a perfect specimen of sand sea with towering dunes.
  • Mughsayl- Located approx 30km to the west of Salalah, it offers scenic spots to camp. The road up the mountain, quite sands and beautiful beaches makes it an idyllic destination.
  • Dhofar Mountains- The Mountains of Dhofar offers unique climate with infinite places to camp around. Campers and animal lovers will have a great time, exploring the panorama and wild life.
  • Jebel Shams- Also known as "Sun Mountain” and the highest peak in Oman is worth to explore. The beautiful and shifting landscape is what Jebel Shams is renowned for.
  • Ras al Hadd- The perfect destination for camping in Oman- famous for green turtles. The beaches and lagoons are most attractive spots to visit.
  • In addition, Day & Night Camping in Oman offers a wonderful experience with range of adventurous activities that lasts forever. What’s more important is that it takes into the charms of nature and discovers the thrills to escape the tedious life.

    So what you are waiting for? Go on Camping to take a look at more of Oman's beauty. Besides, it offers a chance to see Oman in its simplest and purest state.

    Self Driving CampSelf Drive Camping

  • 4x4 Car
  • Roof tent
  • GPS navigation
  • Tourist spot program
  • Sleeping bag
  • Cooking equipment (camping)
  • Family Camping / Group CampingFamily Camping / Group Camping

  • Choice of Terrain (Beach, Island or Mountain)
  • Minimum of 4 (family), 10 (Group)
  • Camping grounds fence
  • Majlis Tent
  • Camping toilets/limited shower
  • Generator
  • Camping chairs & tables
  • Service/Kitchen crew (Optional)
  • Team Building / Boot (Sandal) CampTeam Building / Boot Camp

  • Military Boot camp type modified for Civilian teamwork activities
  • Fun and motivating games, activities, and ideas
  • Children's Winter CampChildren's Winter Camp

  • Nearby camping grounds
  • Mountain CampingMountain Camping

  • Selma Plateau
  • Jabal Al AKhdar
  • Jabal Shams
  • Island CampingIsland Camping

  • Bandar Khayran
  • Al Sawadi
  • Dimaniyat Islands
  • Beach CampingBeach Camping

  • Sifah Beach
  • Fins Beach
  • Yiti Beach
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    8 Days Hiking Package


    Day 1

    Arrival Day: Meet & Greet and transfers to the Ruwi Hotel.

    Day 2


    Muscat City: After breakfast we ahead out and take a tour of Muscat city. Starting at Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, one of few mosques open to non-Muslims, tour highlights include visiting the fort, the sultan's palace and the Bait Al-Zubair Museum before stopping for the date and coffee and a walk along the corniche to explore the Muttrah souk and the fish market, Enjoy the delicious Lunch at local restaurant in Mutrah . Afternoon begin a trekking through the mountains surrounding the city good views over Mutrah harbour, an abandoned village lies on the way – finishing with a little wadi walk then transfer to the Ruwi Hotel , (Breakfast & Lunch)

    Program8dh 1


    Day 3


    After Breakfast and depart to Batinah reign to visit the fort of Nakhel, continue below to Al Rustaq fort one of the most impressive of the Sultanate and the capital of the dynasty of the Yaurabi, continue in the afternoon by a small Trekking up reach the area of Wakan between the Hajar mountains where a campsite will be set up to spend the night. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).

    Day 4


    After breakfast we will hike from Wakan to Jabal Akdhar Mounatain, a beautiful terrace wakan up to sea plateau rim with wonderful view to Ghubrah bowl then down to through rock Hadash . Continue trek to reach the city of jabal Akdhar almost the trip take 6 hrs. The wakan viallage is Over 2000km above the sea level.

    Stop for lunch and then we will visit the villages of Sayq, Al Ain and Wadi Bani Habib. We will travel passed an interwoven range of old passes. Jebel Akhdar is renowned for its high quality miniature pink roses which, for hundreds of years, have been distilled traditionally to produce its famous rose water and oil. During harvest - April - the wonderful fragrance can be smelt all over the plateau. Sep up our camp and the campsite, have dinner and rest for the day. ( Breakfast & Lunch)

    Program8dh 5

    Day 5


    Nizwa. After breakfast we will drive through magnificent rugged scenery and past towns in the low-lying foothills. The road we take follows the base of the Jabels to the town of Birkat Al Mawz. Nizwa is a fertile sea of green with an oasis of date plantations stretching 8kms from the town. Today, Nizwa is still the largest and most important town in this area of the interior and is noted for its 17th century fort and atmospheric souks full of silversmiths ,art, especially ornately engraved khanjars.

    You might be lucky for Friday market day in Nizwa and to experience the atmosphere and hustle, bustle at its best, it's wise to rise early. We then have plenty of time to explore the Bahla and Jibrin forts and the rest of the city before of time to explore the fort and the rest of the city before enjoying a traditional Oman lunch at the local restaurant. Overnight at Al Diyar Hotel (Breakfast, Lunch)

    Program8dh 2

    Day 6


    Wahiba Sand: After breakfast we then engage 4WD and head to the Sharqiyah to our bedioun family. The first stop at Sinaw for the Thursday market one of the most traditional market with Omani sellers . Drive to wahiba Sands to the beautiful we move inside for a nice traditional Oman coffee the rarely Bedouin enjoying their life in the desert. After the coffee we set on the camel for the short ride and drive to the dune for the sunset. Set up our camp and enjoy the night at the middle of the desert. Night at Raha Camp (FB)

    Program8dh 3

    Day 7


    Today we check out and set off in 4WDs for the beauty of Wadi Shaab via Sur to see the Dhow yards. A leisurely walk through the lush green, palm lined wad with dramatic rock formations takes us to the swimming pools. Here we can relax and enjoy our picnic lunch before taking a swim and discovering the hidden cave. Back to Muscat and night at Ruwi Hotel. (Breakfast, Lunch)

    Program8dh 4

    Day 8


    After the breakfast transfer to the airport for departure.

    End of the tour ---------Departure back home.

    Cost includes:

    • Accommodation on double/twin camp as mentioned above.
    • Meals as mentioned above.
    • All entrance fees.
    • Transfers by 4WD.
    • English speaking guide.

    Terms and Conditions Apply
    Rate is based on 1 Car / Minimum 4 person basis

    1,497 USD
    Book Now 4 People Minimum
    575 OMR
    Book Now 4 People Minimum

    3 to 10 Days Travel Package


    Day 1: Arrival and hotel transfer –Ramada hotel

    Program3 1

    Day 2: Muscat Full day city tour of Muscat. Grand  Mosque (Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque)., Visit Museum of Cultural History Bait al Zubair, visit Mutrah souk.  In the old town of Muscat you find Al Alam Palace and the forts Jalali and Mirani. Ramada hotel

    Day 3: Jabal Shams
    We set off in 4WD heading for Oman’s Grand Canyon and its breathtaking views at 2000m.Setting off from Al-Kateen village we follow the balcony trail along the mountain edge to an abandoned village which clings to the rocks completely hidden from view from above and below Then drive via Misfah  Alabryeen and Alhamra to Jebel Shams. Overnight in Jabal shams height camp

    Day 4: Jabal Shams - Nizwa
    After a short hike ride to Bahla for a visit of the town and on to Jabreen. Visit of the fort and on to Nizwa. Visit of the fort and the market in Nizwa. Overnight in Falaj Daris Hotel

    Day 5: Nizwa - jabal Alkhdar - Nizwa
    Excursion to Jebel Alakhdar with a walk in natural beauty and along cultivated terraces. . Overnight in  Sahab Hotel Hotel

    Day 6: Wahibah - Wadi Bani Khaled – Wahibah Half day camel ride and on to Wadi Bani Khaled with the opportunity to swim. Overnight in Al Wasil camp

    Day 7: After the early breakfast we set off in 4WDs to Ras-Al-Hadd via Bibi Mariam’s Thomb. Stop at Sur to see the Dhow Yards and the Sur village before we check in to the Hotel. In the evening after the dinner we drive to Ras-Al-Jinz to see the turtles struggling to lay their eggs at the beach. Night at the Ras-Al-Hadd hotel or Turtle beach Resort (FB)

    Day 8: Sur - Wadi T1wi - Qurayat - Muscat
    Visit the city of Sur, on to Wadi Shab and back to Muscat. Overnight Shangri-la hotel

    Day 9: Leisure at the  Shangri-la hotel

    Day 10: Departure back home. 

    Cost includes:

    • 4x4 Vehicle with English speaking guide
    • Accommodation at the hotel/camps on double/twin room
    • Permits for each area
    • Softdrinks and water on the board
    • Two way airport transfers

    Terms and Conditions Apply
    Rate is based on 1 Car / Minimum 4 person basis

    2,588 USD
    Book Now
    994 OMR
    Book Now