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Oman, a beautiful country with rich-heritage of historical and architectural culture, offers an ever-changing landscape of wave-like sand dunes, utterly beautiful mountain and deserts, flashy beaches, breathtaking skyline, and wild-life (turtle, dolphin and birds).

Located on the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is one of the most attractive travel destinations for tourist/travelers - a romantic retreat, a dream honeymoon or even combine holidays.

Unlike many of the other Gulf States, touring Oman can be a dream for many. Considering the fact, we offer fantastic and diverse holiday deals to explore the city of Oman with attractive and affordable holiday package.

With the tour packages from Alwan Travel & Tourism, you can discover the secret of delights- natural beauty, attractions, and cultural tradition. Oman tour packages comprise of all-inclusive booking and cost-competitiveness. In addition, we offer camping in Oman which includes Self Driving Camp, Family Camping / Group Camping, Team Building / Boot (Sandal) Camp, Children's Winter Camp, Mountain Camping, Island Camping, and Beach Camping.

To Book Oman holiday package, call us today! You can customize your holiday package, combining the best hospitality, leisure and tourism.

8 Days Hiking Package

3 to 10 Days Travel Package

2 to 8 Days Travel Package

1 to 4 Days Travel Package

3 Days Tour Package

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