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Snake Gorge

Snake Gorge

Canyoning Adventure in Oman

Canyoning will usually include some abseiling, scrambling over and around rocks. Some of the wadis might even have pools you have to wade or swim through.

The Snake Gorge walk actually entails three kilometres of walking, wading through pools, swimming, and scrambling over boulders in the gorge between two cliffs, to eventually come out at Al-Zammah. Several pools and small waterfalls are crossed during the walk, including one pool that flows into a pitch-black 30-metre-long cave. The only light in this cave is that coming from the mouth of the cave. Indeed, the whole journey is both a physical and a mental challenge and thus, should not be taken lightly. It's like a roller coaster ride, or like white water rafting — without the raft. One will never know what to expect. Once the walk is completed, one feels a sense of achievement. Physical fitness does not have to be a prerequisite for crossing the gorge.


Swim and walk through a cave! Breathtaking and exhilarating!


Jump from rock to wadi in a series of pools as you canyon downstream.


Hike to the starting point and exit point.


Have a picnic at the exit!

Things to do

Hiking, Via Ferrata, Abseiling, Camping, Canyonning


Cost includes:

Terms and Conditions Apply Rate is based on 1 Car / Minimum 4 person basis

Cost in Omani Rials for groups of 1 to 4 people

1 2 3 4
150 per pax 75 per pax 50 per pax 37 per pax


96 USD Book Now for 4 people minimum 37 OMR Book Now for 4 people minimum

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